Based on Charles Baudelaire's claim that a photograph can never be an authentic copy of real life, 12 photographers interpreted one another's photographs in a visual conversation that progressed around the country resulting in a photographic experiment in interpretation that functioned similarly to a game of visual telephone. This project explores the complexity of communication, perception and the inter-connection in an increasingly globalized/digitalized world.

Michelle Westmark began the photo chain by sending a 4"x6" postcard version of her image to be interpreted by the next photographer on the list who had a two week window to photographically respond to the image's subject, content or formal elements. They then sent a 4"x6" postcard version of their photograph to the next photographer on the list. This photographer interpreted the 2nd photo in the chain without seeing the original image and then continued the chain and so on until the conclusion of the project. Photographers and their locations include: Michelle Westmark (MN), Conor King (CO), Lindsay Borden (WA), Sarah Christianson (CA), Yasmin Etemadi (CA), Sarah Baron (NC), Sarah Stacke (NY), Salma Khalil (NY), Rachel Loischild (MA), Jason Flack (MA), Carl Sweets (IL), and Brett Kallusky (MN).

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